Christian Living

Help us to put away all evil things.

Silence the evil word

Forbid the evil deed

Break the evil habit

Banish the evil thought

Take away the evil desire and the evil ambition,

And make our lives to shine like lights in this dark world.

     Help us to live in purity

Make all our words so pure that you may hear them.

Make all our deeds so pure that you may see them.

Make all our thoughts and desires so pure that they may bear your scrutiny.

And so grant that we being pure in heart may see you.

    Help us to live in truth

Grant that we may never act or speak a lie.

That we may never be misled by false or mistaken beliefs.

That we may never evade the truth

Even when we do not want to see it.

     Grant to us at all times

To seek and to find

To know and to love

To obey and to live

          William Barclay